These limited-edition timepieces are available now.

Famed Italian designer and artist Giorgio Piola is best known in the motorsport world for his beautiful, technical illustrations of Formula One cars, and he has now branched out with a new collection of racing-inspired watches. The team recently got a chance to take a close at the timepieces. 

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The flagship G5 watch doesn’t hide its motorsport inspiration. The titanium and aluminum bezel takes direct cues from drilled brake rotors, and the black rubber strap evokes performance tires. The forged carbon case fits well with the racing motif, too. Big buttons for the stopwatch make it easy to activate and reset for accurately tracking lap times.

The Giorgio Piola collection also includes the standard Strat-3 and Strat-3 Blue, which features a deep shade of cobalt as the backing color for the dial. These timepieces appear to take subtle inspiration from F1 steering wheels and feature colorful flourishes on the smaller sub-dials inside the face. Like the G5, there are large buttons for operating the stopwatch.

Check out the video above for a complete unboxing. You can find out more about the both watches, or order one for yourself, by clicking the links below.


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