2008 Ford Fiesta went public today at the Geneva Motor Show. Two models are being shown, the 3-door and 5-door versions. Fiesta is based on Verve concept car.

WCF has shown the new Ford Fiesta in several cases before. Now Geneva has set up a viewing area for not only a 3-door Fiesta, but its 5-door sibling to add to the lineup. The 2008 Fiesta as you know, is inspired by the Verve concept car of two years ago.

A lot of Verve has gone into the final Fiesta product, which only goes into eager dealerships in the autumn of 2008 in the UK. Fiesta has been around since 1976 and has since sold over 12 million examples, making it the most successful small car in Ford’s history. Engines will include 1.2-litre petrols and small turbo diesels, while the ST range-topper should deliver over 140kW upfront.

Ford says the Fiesta will be tailored and launched in South Africa, Asia, Australia and the Americas from now until 2010.

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