Three Mercedes-Benz race car carriers from different eras got together on an historic union to celebrate 75 years of Silver Arrows' racing successes.

The rich 75-year-old history of Mercedes-Benz racing would not be possible without the trucks that literally carried that history and heritage on their backs. Since 1934 the Silver Arrows have been a formidable force on race tracks around the world, with names like Rudolf Caracciola and Manfred von Brauchitsch bearing the faces of famous triumphs.

Less known are names such as "The Blue Wonder" of 1955, a fast blue carrier with sports-car looks, the Lo 2750 (named after its 2.75 ton payload capability) from the 1930s with its flashing chrome grille and the 16-metre long present-day Actross. The latter is among those which have moved racing metal for the likes of Lewis Hamilton and C-Class cars of German Touring Car Championship (DTM) drivers.

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Mercedes Honours 75 Years of Race Car Carriers