Maybach Landaulet is all about an opulent lifestyle outdoors. Folding roof, interior luxury, awesome V12 turbo. What else is there in life?

Maybach’s Landaulet is the latest addition to the Maybach family. It has just been unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. What makes this car special, different from the 4-door 5.7m saloon on which it is based? Need to ask? Can you not see the sky from over there? Well Maybach Landaulet is the ultimate sky-scraper from Maybach, a long luxury saloon with roots firmly on the money.

So, is Maybach going soft on us? In a manner of speaking, yes. The folding top is soft, made of cloth for that traditional convertible look. Not so soft is the AMG co-designed V12 which uprates to 612 bhp/ 456kW with its two turbos. How much, you ask? Looking up into the open skies ain’t as cheap as it used to be sailor. As the old saying goes, if you have to ask, you can’t afford it! Inside the show halls of Geneva at least, passengers of Landaulet are treated to bright lights up above, which is more attainable than the sky.

Gallery: European Debut for Maybach Landaulet at Geneva