Opel/ Vauxhall is to present an improved Corsa next January. It will have a range of upgraded engines and is promised to drive much better.

Opel is set to release an updated Corsa range in January 2010. Improvements are abundant, including the engines, the chassis and even the steering mechanism. Notably the exterior remains the same: "the Corsa stays faithful to its exciting design, with sporty contours and one of the roomiest and most flattering interiors in its class" says the official statement.

The engines have been re-worked, from the 1.0-litre up to the 1.6-litre turbo. The 3-cylinder 1.0 now produces 48kW (65hp) and 90Nm of torque. Fuel consumption improves by 13 percent to 5 litres per 100km and C02 emissions stand at 117 g/km. Higher up is the 1.2-litre with new figures of 51kW (70hp) and 115Nm. It dispatches 124 g/km of C02s and averages 5.3 litres/100km.

The same 1.2 can also kick out 63kW (85hp) and 115Nm of torque and return 5.1 litres/100 km and 119 g/km. The 1.4-litre makes 64kW (87hp) and 130Nm of torque. Opel says it will return 5.5 litres/100 km and 129 g/km of CO2 gases. A more generous output of 74kW (100hp) and 130Nm is possible from the same engine.

Diesel fans can enjoy the 1.7 CDTI with 96kW (130hp), 300Nm and 118 g/km of emissions thanks to measures like a new turbo charger with an actuator position sensor and a new lighter intake manifold that reduces weight. A smaller 1.3 CDTI has 70kW (95hp) and 190Nm while emitting 98g/km of C02 for the 3-door and 99g/km for the 5-door.

These improvements were made possible through a new oil pump that optimises oil pressure and reduces friction, a newly-developed double camshaft phaser, new management of the thermostat which reduces the engine warm-up phase and a shift-indicator that shows drivers when best to change gears for optimal fuel reduction. To suit their needs, customers can choose between transmissions with performance-oriented short- or economy-focused wide ratios.

The 1.6 turbo GSI and OPC remain the same at 110kW (150hp) and 141kW (192hp) respectively. The Corsa will feature a better chassis and a more direct steering system. Cornering lights, a heated steering wheel and the integrated bicycle carrier system FlexFix make the Corsa a very well-equipped small car.


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