Lee Noble has formed a new company called Fenix Automotive which will produce a super-quick V8-powered sports car.

Lee Noble has returned with a new company called Fenix Automotive Limited. The founder of the Noble brand known for iconic supercars like the M12 and M400, who resigned from Noble Automotive in 2008, says his new entity will ensure a great performance-to-cost ratio.

"Our new car will offer buyers performance and dynamics that they'd normally have to spend well over £100,000 to experience, but at a far more affordable price," Lee Noble said. "It will combine simplicity, strength and agility, while its two-seat, closed body will ensure sensible levels of refinement for road use."

The still-nameless car will be using a mid-engine V8 layout and produce a 0 - 100mph (161km/h) time of below 7 seconds. It will feature lightweight construction materials and be as comfortable on public roads as it is on race tracks.

Development began about a year ago and the prototype is being assembled in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, where Nobles are also partly-assembled. The market launch is scheduled for the end of 2010 at a price expected to fall under the £75,000 line.



Lee Noble Reveals First Details of New Company & £75K Sports Car