New detailed information on the imminent Audi A1 has surfaced. Engines are described and all body styles revealed. Read on.

Audi's plans of premium segment domination necessitate entering segments previously unoccupied at Ingolstadt. Most upper segments have been taken up with cars like the A8, A6 and the R8. The lowest segment is currently ruled by the new MINI.

With the upcoming A1, Audi aims to set things straight and expand its global reach. The A1 will go on sale from late summer 2010 in Europe after its Geneva Motor Show public debut. Reports say its styling will be quite similar to the Metroproject Quattro Concept of Tokyo 2007 with its curved roof and short overhangs. The platform and drivetrain are to be shared with the VW Polo, a decision said to anger some Audi executives but one that's necessary for cost-cutting exercises.

Expected engines include a 1.2 TFSI producing 63kW (86PS) and 160Nm, a 1.4 TFSI producing 90kW (122PS) and 200Nm, and a 1.6 TDI worth 77kW (105PS) and 250Nm. Of course the MINI has performance derivatives which need to be targeted as well. So an S1 will be created with about 132kW (180PS) being driven by a 7-speed S-Tronic transmission. The S1 would be launched in February 2011.

Following that an A1 Sportback would come to market and thereafter soft-top cabriolet versions in 2012. Depending on A1 market sales, a peppery RS 1 could be introduced. The Q1 SUV derivative is set for production but it's not clear where exactly it would fall. Would it be a rival for the BMW X1 or the smaller MINI Crossman?

Lastly, there is some talk of an A2 range which falls between the A1 and A3 and is entirely focused on clean energies.


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