How would you like a custom Land Rover under your tree?

The holidays are right around the corner, but what do you get the ultra-wealthy enthusiast that seemingly has everything? No, not matching his and hers Rolls-Royce Dawns. East Coast Defender is offering a limited E.C.D. Ultimate Platinum Card worth up to $200,000 towards the build of any custom Land Rover from the shop. 


Part of the package includes the ability to work directly with the East Coast Defender team, either at their headquarters in Kissimmee, Florida, or at the Design Center in Malibu, California, in development of their custom Land Rover. Or you can use that money towards a build that the shop already has the blueprints for. Project Viper, for example, is a menacing off-roader that comes powered by a 430-horsepower (320-kilowatts) LS3 V8.

East Coast Defender Gift Card
East Coast Defender Gift Card

Just 50 examples of the limited-edition Platinum Card will be offered up for sale beginning later this year. Two easy payment options will available available to buyers, either an up-front deposit of $100,000 with final payment due at completion, or zero percent financing over eighteen months.

"The E.C.D. Ultimate Platinum Card is the only gift choice for people looking to give the gift of true exclusivity," said Scott Wallace, East Coast Defender Co-Owner. "It’s about the journey our guests experience when commissioning a build from E.C.D.; new owners are whisked away to one of our design centers where they work with our lead designers to create a vehicle as individual as they are. I don’t know of any other custom automotive designer who provides such an experience."

If instead you’d rather opt for a pre-built Defender, East Coast Defender has a range of offerings. The aforementioned Project Viper, the sinister-looking Project Blackout, and the subtle but stunning Project Ironhorse can be ordered from the Florida shop, each with an estimated cost of anywhere between $200,000 and $300,000.

Source: East Coast Defender

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