The launch of the new 2008 season Honda RA108 was back at the end of January. However, as important as a new F1 car design can be to the teams prospective future success, it could be argued that it’s livery is just as important. The livery is more than the way the car looks; it’s the way the car looks in the eyes of the millions of viewers around the globe as it is circulating around the track. One word; Advertising. Sponsors pay an absolute fortune to place their mottos, emblems or company names on a competitive Formula One car. 

Thing is since the 2007 season, Honda have not had any external sponsors on their race cars and 2008 appears to the same deal. Essentially, the theme to the livery is the team’s “earthdreams” program. Honda says it “represents the next stage of Honda’s long term commitment to harnessing the passion of Formula One and its partners to provide support and investment for good causes through a unique cause related marketing initiative.”

The big news in the team is the signing of former Ferrari Technical Director, Ross Brawn. Brawn took a Sabbatical in 2007 but has been signed by Honda for the 2008 season as Team Principle. The driver line up remains the same with Button and Barrichello signed for a third successive season meaning Honda will have the most experienced drivers in the 2008 season.

Engines are similar to last years 2.4L V8. This year expect 19,000rpm and over 700ps. The 59th FIA Formula One World Championship season starts on the 16th of March in Melbourne Australia.

Gallery: Honda Racing F1 Team’s RA108 and new-look livery displayed at Geneva

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