MTM has given the Audi TT RS a power boost of up to 84bhp through improved exhaust breathing and an adjusted engine control unit.

German tuner MTM has launched a performance package for the new Audi TT RS. Under normal circumstances the car produces 340hp (250kW) of power and peak torque of 450Nm (332 lb ft) between 1,600rpm and 5,300rpm. The factory claims a 0 - 100 km/h time of 4.6 seconds.

MTM used the stock 2.5-litre 5-cylinder turbo as a basis. The engine control unit was adjusted and a new exhaust system with new middle- and end- pipes with throttle valves fitted. Not only does it apparently sound great, but it also revs higher and accesses its torque across a wide range of revolutions.

As a result, three stages of power can be ordered. Stage 1 offers 301kW (404bhp) and 550Nm while stage 2 gives out 304 (408bhp) and the same amount of torque. The highest stage offers maximum power of 316kW (424bhp) and 560Nm, does 0 - 100 km/h in 4.2 seconds and achieves a top end of 297 km/h. The car runs on MTM sport wheels with the original BIMOTO design measuring 19-inch or 20-inch.

MTM Boost Audi TT-RS to 424bhp