An M version of the BMW 1-Series? Yes, very possible.

Sources at BMW's M division claim that their current priority is to deliver a "sub-M3" model to the marketplace and that a flagship M variant for the next-generation 1-Series is a go.

But what would such an M model of the 1-Series be like?
(Pictured here is a 1-Series Coupe with performance accessories.)

The 1-Series already has a 135i version with a twin-turbo straight-six petrol/gasoline engine with 306 hp - plenty for a small hatch/coupe. The sources tell LeftLane that that engine will be dialed up to around 330 hp for the M variant.

Prices in Europe would be around €35,000 where the model would compete head on with the Audi S3. A 1-Series M would sell for about 10,000 dollars less in the US market vis-a-vis the M3.

As for the name, the sources say BMW will not be using the classic M1 moniker. "The M1 name to us is a sacred thing for a car that marked an important turning point. It won't be called the M1."


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