Arash has announced the AF-10 supercar will be priced at £320,000 ($533,998 USD / €356,565) when it goes on sale next year.

The Arash AF-10 supercar will be priced at £320,000 ($533,998 USD / €356,565) when it goes on sale next year.

As you may recall, the AF-10 features a carbon fiber body shell (built by EPM Technology), a light 1260 kg (2777 lbs) weight, and chassis tuning by Loris Bicocchi (who also worked on the Bugatti Veyron). Other goodies include 19-inch wheels and a cabin with leather upholstery and a GPS navigation system.

Under the hood, the car is outfitted with the 550 bhp 7.0-liter V8 engine from the Corvette Z06. Connected to a six-speed Graziano transmission (or the optional six-speed sequential gearbox from Zonda F), the AF-10 is expected to hit a top speed of 220 mph.

While that's all fine and good, Arash has also revealed they are working on a high performance model with a top speed in excess of 250 mph. Based on the AF-10, but said to look completely different, the unnamed model will be powered by a twin-supercharged 7.2-liter V8 engine with titanium connecting rods and forged pistons. Expected to boast 1200 bhp and 900 to 1000 lb-ft of torque, the car will likely become one of the fastest production vehicles in the world.

In an interview with Autocar, Arash Farboud said "The engine is a bit of a bruiser. It doesn't have to be too sophisticated, as long as we can keep it cool and as (long as) we have got more power than anyone else then I'm happy." He continued, "This will be like a two-seater F1 car with a radio, it's the most extreme car I can make."

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