A Florida-based tuner firm has released data on a new, twin-turbo Audi R8 that produces 536 rear-wheel horsepower, and has the capability of a sub-11 second quarter-mile. Details inside.

Heffner Performance has released some new information about their latest tuner job.  The Heffner Audi R8 Twin-Turbo may look like it "came from the factory," but the details from the car's Dyno Sheet shows a clear upgrade.

According to the engineers, the tuned R8 has a 183 rear-wheel horsepower gain over the stock model.  The 536 rwhp rating is well over 50% higher than a factory-shipped R8.  The tuner firm claims that with 100 octane fuel, this car may be able to realize 600 rwhp, and a sub-11 second quarter-mile.

Although this is an exciting development for Audi fans, we would also like to know the horsepower rating at the flywheel.  Engine dyno figures were not released.

The car also gets a new intercooler and factory-look custom intake manifold. Pictures of the Heffner Audi R8 Twin-Turbo are likely to be released as soon as the company paints and polishes the car.

Based in Sarasota, Florida, Heffner Performance has created performance and styling modifications for the Dodge Viper, Ford GT, and several Lamborghinis.  The company also designs some custom packages to fit specific customer needs.

Audi R8 Twin-Turbo with 536hp Announced by Heffner Performance [video]