German tuner adds 50 hp and 75 Nm of torque to standard Panamera. Mcchip also offers a new set of 22-inch wheels from Cargraphic along with the chip tuning work.

If you think the Porsche Panamera still needs a little extra push then Mcchip has a tuning package for you.

That's German tuner Mcchip-dkr GmbH and they've manage to dial up the Porsche Panamera's standard power figures from 500 hp and 700 Nm of torque to 550 hp and 775 Nm. As for the Panamera Sport Chrono variant, torque is increased to 845 Nm from the series' 770 Nm.

The chip tuning takes the Panamera's top speed up to 311 km/h, up only slightly from the production 303 km/h. Price for the chip tuning is €1,499.

To round out the package, Mcchip also offers a set of 22-inch rims from Cargraphic fitted with Continental performance tires - 265/30 R22s at the front and 305/25 R22s for the rear. That wheel set comes in at €7,969. A set of rims with Dunlop Sport tires will cost you €8,089 with 295/25 R22s at the back instead of305s.

Mcchip also offers a semi-matte rim finish for €179 per wheel.

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