The president of the FIA Senate has revealed that USF1, the new American formula one team for 2010, has lodged its entry fee to contest next year's world championship.

Charlotte (US) and Alcaniz (Spain)-based USF1, headed by journalist Peter Windsor and veteran engineer Ken Anderson, has been dogged by rumours recently questioning its ability to make it to the grid.

American Nick Craw, who twice officially toured USF1's North Carolina headquarters in recent months, is the newly elected FIA Senate president under Jean Todt.

When asked on the Speed Channel programme Wind Tunnel about the USF1 rumours, he said this week: "In the old days we never used to count an entry as being real until the cheque arrived and it cleared, and of course entry fees were not refundable.

"If you want proof as to whether USF1 are going to be there or not, they sent their entry fee in about 10 days ago, and the number is close to $440,000, so they're going to be there and they're going to make us proud," added Craw.