Latest spy shots reveal little except that BMW will likely have both a coupe and softop version of the 6-series.

Here are the latest spy photos for the next-generation BMW 6-Series.

Our spy photographer reports that there has been a dry spell in spotting the upcoming 6-Series in testing (since spring) because BMW insiders say there have been some hiccups in the brand's development of the performance coupe/convertible.

BMW had some trouble deciding whether the 6-Series would come only as a single model convertible with a folding hardtop, or as two models - a rigid roof coupe and a convertible with a soft top.  That would explain why previous prototypes were spotted with an ill-fitting canvas top laid over a supposed folding hard top.

According to insiders it appears they've settled upon a rigid roof coupe plus a canvas-top convertible version as indicated with shots of this 6-Series with a canvas only roof as confirmed by our spy photographer who checked inside and knocked on it with his hand.

The design of the upcoming 6-Series will certainly be taking cues from the current 7-Series but also be inspired by the CS Concept. The wide grill and headlamps providing for a mean-eyed cat look fitting to the performance model's identity.

Engines will likely be borrowed from the 7-Series, except for the V12. An M6 version may also share the twin-turbo V8 from the X5M and X6M.


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