BMW will premiere the new 5-series on November 23rd via a Live Stream netcast. The video features the 2011 5-series and M5 doing some road and track testing - all roaring engines and screeching tires.

BMW's 2011 5-Series (F10) and M5 caught here on video doing some road and track testing, all roaring engines and screeching tires.

So far this week, there has been a teaser video from BMW which only outlined a silhouette of the next iteration of its mid-sized premium sedan, and an unverifiable leaked photo, allegedly from a BMW dealer, of the front corner of the upcoming 5-Series. The only thing we can safely surmise from what we've seen so far of the 2011 5-Series is that it will be staying pretty close to home design-wise. More of a rounding out of the lines than anything else.

BMW will be premiering the 2011 5-Series via a Live-Stream netcast on Monday, November 23rd at 20h00 CET (Central European Time). It will also likely go on display at the Los Angeles auto show in early December too. The usual critiques can be expected - of the "it doesn't go far enough" or "just don't like it, prefer the old one," variety. But it will ultimately be the sales figures which will spell out whether the new 5-Series, possibly facing a cannibalizing effect from the recently released 5-Series GT model, is a success or not.

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