Who knows better than BMW how to build a straight-six powerplant?

BMW Motorrad has decided to put its engineering prowess to create a motorbike with a straight-six engine. The Concept 6 was designed in Cafe Racer style and is intended to expand BMW's K-series model range sometime in the future.

The straight-six is 10 cm slimmer than a traditional production 6-cylinder in order to be fit into the Concept 6 design. The 1.6 liter engine generates about the same amount of power as the straight-four of the K-Series but substantially more torque. 130 Nm of torque (96 lb-ft) already becomes available at 2,000 rpm. Fuel economy comparable to the straight-four is also had by means of E-gas technology.

Design cues include the long front end and short back end feature of the classic Cafe Racer as well as the Split Face of current BMW Motorrad models.

The suspension is a bridge frame made of light-alloy while Duolever and lightweight Paralever arms hold the front and rear wheels in place.

A nifty LED display tells the driver how much torque is available at any given moment.

See press release below for more details.


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