This grand tourer comes with a big set of pipes.

BMW's engineers are hard at work making the next-generation BMW 8 Series ready for the road next year, and a new spy video shows a pair of them under development at the Nürburgring. A brief glimpse of one on the track might even be the much-anticipated M variant.


BMW 8 Series Spy Video

The first portion of this clip shows the 8 Series filling up at a gas station, and the opportunity provides a great opportunity to check out its curves. This one features a slightly different lower fascia than previous test mules. The more complicated styling features additional supports toward the center, which creates a more eye-catching appearance. However, this vehicle still uses place-holder headlights, rather than the production LEDs on earlier development cars.

As the 8 Series accelerates away from the gas station, the video provides its biggest surprise when the big coupe shows a massive pair of exhaust outlets integrated into the bumper. Perhaps this is just the angle of the video, but they appear significantly larger than on previous test mules.

The production 8 Series appears to have generally less adventurous styling than the concept. While the camouflage prevents knowing anything for certain, the test mules' lines look for more conventional than the ultra-modern show car's sharper appearance.

BMW 8 Series Spy Video

The video above then shifts to the Nürburgring, and it provides a very short view on an 8 Series from the rear. Pausing the clip reveals four, circular pipes sticking out of the tail rather than the other model's pair of integrated pieces. The bumper is different back there, too.

There are no photos of the production 8 Series' interior yet, but expect cutting-edge amenities for BMW's big coupe. A digital instrument panel and capacitive switches are likely elements for the cabin.

The powertrain is also a mystery, but the possibilities are clearer. The M5's 600-horsepower 4.4-liter biturbo V8 seems like the natural choice for the M8. The 456-hp tune of the turbocharged V8 would be a good fit in a lesser variant of the 8 Series, too. Plus, the sound from the exhaust in an earlier spy video hinted at a V8 for power.

Source: statesidesupercars via YouTube

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