It's said to be a legal and binding offer, though $5,000 for the cat is negotiable.

By now, you’ve almost certainly heard about the 1996 Honda Accord that’s for sale. Ordinarily we’d have to narrow that description down for clarity, because there are certainly quite a few of them out there. Given what’s transpired this past week, however, it’s safe to say you know exactly the car we’re talking about. If for some reason you don’t, here’s a quick refresher: Girl wants to sell used Honda on eBay, boyfriend helps by creating a short video that's good enough to win an Oscar. Video goes viral, eBay auction goes viral, gets cancelled, and at some point in the process the girlfriend becomes fiancée. For a full recap, you can check out our story on the brilliant advertisement from a few days ago.

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Here’s the latest twist in the saga. CarMax – the company well-known for buying any car – has ponied up an offer for the used Honda known affectionately as Greenie, and it’s not what you’d call a lowball figure. The used car franchise put together its own video saying the clever ad left a “Honda Accord-sized hole” in the company’s heart, so much so that CarMax says it “will not rest until we’ve filled it” and has offered $20,000 to make that happen.

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For the record, Kelley Blue Book says a 1996 Honda Accord EX coupe with the 141,000 miles – the same as reportedly showing on Greenie – is worth around $400 traded-in to a dealership or $1,200 on the retail market. Of course, doesn’t list the unique extras that were featured in the video for this very special Honda Accord. For example, CarMax says it will pay $3,500 for the car’s passenger-seat coffee pot, $2,000 for the Mexico mug, another $5,000 for the cat, $500 for the sandwich, and a full $2,000 for the hooded white sweatshirt worn by the “fiancée” in the commercial, which seems just a bit creepy to us but hey, money talks.

All total, the final offer is a full $20,000 – a figure which the CarMax video says is a “legal and binding offer” that can be accepted at any of the franchise locations nationwide. Clearly there’s plenty of fun being had here, but the question remains – is this a serious offer? Obviously the car isn’t worth anywhere near that, but in the world of dealership advertising budgets, $20,000 isn’t that much cash. And there’s no denying this Honda has become a freaking publicity monster.

Here’s hoping the Honda hasn’t already sold for the original eBay starting bid of $499.

Source: CarMax via YouTube

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