archives are showing Mercedes introduced the illuminated three-pointed star logo back in February 2013 and now the company is taking a step further by giving customers another way to express their love for the brand. From the entry-level A-Class hatchback all the way up to the GLS SUV luxobarge, a new option is available: the LED Projector AMG Emblem.

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You can have it at the time of the purchase or retrofitted by simply replacing the factory-installed entrance light mounted at the bottom of the front doors. Alternatively, Mercedes-AMG’s logo illustrating an apple tree on the river that symbolizes the company’s headquarters in Affalterbach, Germany can be replaced by Mercedes-Benz’ star to match the glitzy front grille. By the way, the Mercedes argues its star badge is quite “possibly the world's best-known trademark.”

Needless to say, the door-mounted LED projector light is only available for the cars fitted with the suitable door lighting packages featuring the aforementioned entrance lights. Fancy door sills with either “Mercedes-Benz” or “AMG” lettering that light up once you open the doors have been available for a long time.

Chances are sooner or later Maybach’s double M logo will be optionally available as well for those with a soft spot for the most luxurious Mercedes models out there. After all, the illuminated “Maybach” name already adorns the door sills of the super-exclusive S650 Cabriolet limited to 300 units worldwide (75 in the United States).

While we’re not exactly big fans of this gimmick, there seems to be a market for this type of optional equipment taking into account more and more automakers – even mainstream ones like Skoda – are offering such a “feature.”

Source: Mercedes-Benz

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New AMG Emblem LED Projector now available: Upgrade with impressive light effects

Stuttgart. After the success of the illuminated Mercedes star in the grill, the Mercedes-Benz original-parts program now offers an additional customization option based on modern LED technology: LED Projector AMG Emblem. When opening the driver’s and passenger doors, the AMG emblem is projected into the entry area in 3D with the help of the entrance lighting mechanism at the bottom of the door. The LED Projector AMG Emblem is now available at Mercedes-Benz sales partners for numerous vehicle models from A-Class to GLS.

The AMG emblem shows the cornerstones of the high performance brand, Mercedes-AMG: an apple tree on the river symbolizes the location in Affalterbach, Germany. The cam, valve and valve spring symbolizes the engine manufacturing. With the new AMG emblem projector, the emblem can now be projected into the entrance area next to the vehicle in a high-tech 3D look. Thus, making the ingress into a Mercedes-AMG an impressive experience.

Mercedes-Benz partners can assemble the AMG emblem LED projector in just a matter of minutes: just simply replace the factory-installed entrance lighting at the bottom of the front doors. The new projector uses state-of-the-art LED technology, consumes little power and has a long service life. Moreover, it fulfils the high quality requirements that Mercedes-Benz places on all its original parts and accessories. This new individualization option is available from the A-Class to the GLS in combination with the corresponding door lighting packages. The AMG emblem LED projector is not only for Mercedes-AMG enthusiasts, but there is an LED projector for Mercedes-Benz drivers as well. In this case, the Mercedes star, possibly the world's best-known trademark, is projected into the entry area when the front doors are open.

The Illuminated Mercedes Star available for many lines from the original-parts program is also a real eye-catcher. The outline of the Mercedes star centred in the radiator grille illuminates by means of the light conductors as well as LED technology, and thus adds a special look to many Mercedes-Benz models.