We love wagons, especially fast ones. The notion of a family-oriented vehicle that can rip asphalt from the ground just clicks all the right buttons, and it doesn’t hurt when the car in question looks as good as a Mercedes-AMG E63 S estate. Whereas many wagons have a slightly awkward look, the E63 looks as natural with a long roof as it does in sedan form, and thanks to the folks at Sport Auto, it has a Nürburgring record to back up the glam. Specifically, it’s the fastest wagon at the Green Hell with a time of 7:45.19, set back on September 22.

At this point, we suspect some of you may not be terribly impressed by that time. After all, we’ve become used to sub-seven minute blasts by extremely limited-production hypercars. Don’t let that dampen this moment, however – it takes a fast car with a talented driver to lap the ‘ring in under nine minutes, never mind dipping well under the eight-minute mark. Such a time requires a properly quick and well-balanced machine, piloted by a driver with skill and courage. We all of the above from this in-car video, which covers the full lap from start to finish.

Yes, it's that fast:

The first thing we noticed was a surprising lack of drama for pretty much the entire lap. Through our deeply scientific analysis of watching the driver behind the wheel, we see almost no correction for oversteer. We also don’t see much sawing in the corners, which suggests there wasn’t much understeer either. We don’t know if any driving assists were turned on for the lap, but the E63’s 4Matic all-wheel drive system was certainly doing its thing. Even on the back sections following the Karussell, the big Benz seems surprisingly composed.

Sadly, and for reasons unknown, the speed readout drops off the video at the 6:42 mark, so we don’t know just how fast the E63 ultimately went down Döttinger Höhe. We do glimpse the 270 km/h mark early in the lap on Schwedenkreuz, which equates to 167 mph, so yeah, that wagon was hauling. Sorry, we’re obligated say such things about anything that’s both fast and capable of carrying cargo.

How long will it be before someone looks to top this record? We don’t know, but it sure is a glorious time to be a petrolhead.

Source: Sport Auto via YouTube

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