It's amazing how a modest body kit can make such a difference.

In the wonderful world of BMW there are plenty of tweaks, tuners, and upgrades for pretty much every model. That said, it’s not every day we see special attention of the performance variety given to Munich’s big flagship 7 Series sedan. Fortunately, there’s a place in the world called Abu Dhabi, where extravagant style and go-fast goodies can be found on vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Case in point is this BMW 760Li xDrive that BMW Abu Dhabi Motors recently shared with the world on Facebook.


We’ll just come right out and say it – red makes everything better. In this case it’s Imola Red with contrasting carbon fiber mirrors and blacked-out trim to set the color off even better. The real attention-getter here, however, is the 3D Design Body kit that infuses this big Bimmer with no small amount of attitude. The dealer also says the car is fitted with an M Perofrmance trunk lid spoiler, which is so small it goes virtually unnoticed at a quick glance.

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There’s no mention of mechanical enhancements, which leads us to believe this sizable sedan’s sizzling upgrades are only skin deep. If this were a run-of- the-mill 7 Series that might leave us a bit underwhelmed, but being this is the M760Li xDrive, it packs a freaking 6.6-liter biturbo V12 under its long hood, connected to an eight-speed automatic that sends power to four wheels that accelerate, brake, and steer. It’s rated at 601 horsepower, and though it has 2.5 tons of luxurious mass to contend with, the M760Li still shuffles to 60 miles per hour in under four seconds. So yeah, this 7 Series may only be sporting an upgraded look, but it's not exactly hurting in the guts department.

Anyone have some spare change and airfare to Abu Dhabi? We need to talk to a chap about a car.

Source: BMW Abu Dhabi Motors via Facebook

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