And we know it will have 750 horsepower on tap.

Update: An alleged cover from Car and Driver (by way of shows what looks to be the new Corvette ZR1 in its entirety, touting a 750-horsepower (559-kilowatt) V8 engine. We'll have to wait until the Corvette makes its debut in full to know to confirm these details.

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The wait is nearly over. In just a few days, we’ll catch our first glimpse at the all-new 2019 Corvette ZR1 – but it won’t be in Los Angeles or Detroit that the long-awaited supercar will make its debut. Instead, the company will show off its new high-powered coupe in… Dubai? Specifically at the upcoming Dubai Motor Show.

According to various forums and a report from, Chevy will show off its new Corvette ZR1 at a private event in Dubai, prior to bringing the vehicle to the L.A. Auto Show later this month. Production of the new ZR1 will kick off two to three months after the Corvette’s debut in L.A., with the 2019 Corvette order guide being released as early as November 20. 

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The news coincides with reports that the 2018 Corvette would be produced for just four months, and in limited numbers – just around 9,700 examples – in preparation of the ZR1 and the upcoming new mid-engined Corvette. Both vehicles will be built at Chevy’s Bowling Green, Kentucky, assembly plant. 

The new ZR1 is rumored to make its debut on Sunday, November 12, the day before the opening of the Dubai Motor Show. When it does debut, the new Corvette ZR1 could come with upwards of 800 horsepower (596 kilowatts) under the hood, courtesy of either an updated 6.2-liter supercharged V8 off the Z06, or a brand-new dual-overhead-cam V8 engine dubbed the LT5.

As far as styling is concerned, look to the many previous spy photos and videos for inspiration. Defining features like a more aggressive fascia, a lower stance, and a massive rear wing will all be present on the new ZR1 when it makes its debut. Whatever the case, we’ll have to wait for the new ZR1 to make its debut in full to finalize all the details. 

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