BMW made a pretty big deal about the M40i earlier this year during the X3’s launch, but that won’t remain the top dog in the crossover’s family for a very long time. Officially under consideration since at least September when the announcement was made, the full-on X3 M has likely been given the green light judging by this new spy video.

Shot at the Nürburgring where basically all European-developed cars are being fine-tuned, the first-ever X3 M unsurprisingly had a hefty amount of camouflage. Even so, it’s not that hard to figure out how it will look without the swirly disguise as we only have to check out the M40i and imagine it with a slightly more aggressive body featuring bigger air vents, prominent side skirts, beefier wheel arches, and a quad exhaust.

While Mercedes-AMG’s GLC 63 has a V8 engine, the BMW X3 M will have to make do with a six-cylinder unit, particularly a biturbo 3.0-liter with somewhere in the region of 430-450 hp. Should the higher number come true, it means the go-faster crossover will have close to 100 hp more than the M40i we’ve been mentioning.

Aside from the meaner body and uprated engine, the X3 M will also boast larger wheels backed by upgraded brakes to match the extra oomph coming from underneath the hood. A stiffer suspension setup is also in the works, along with some tweaks for the chassis to make the vehicle more nimble around the corners (as nimble as a crossover can be…)

Since the model hasn’t been technically confirmed yet, it’s too soon to say how much it will cost. However, expect to pay a significant premium over the X3 M40i available in the U.S. of A. from $54,300. We won’t be too surprised if BMW will also do an X4 M and it goes without saying that will be even more expensive.

What BMW won’t do is an X2 M, with the Bavarians recently saying its cars based on the front-wheel-drive UKL platform won’t be blessed with the M treatment. That also means the next-generation 1 Series - set to switch to a FWD layout - will top out with an M140i, losing the six-cylinder engine in the process.

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