Inspired by the compulsion to write "Wash Me" on a dirty car or to draw something on a fogged windscreen with your finger, ten different artists have interpreted everyday situations using a MINI as their canvas.

The project is called Wash Me and was devised and sponsored by BMW/MINI of Switzerland. Ten local artists and authors were asked to provide their inspiration to the project, which includes a book being published this month. Among the notable Swiss artists participating in the Wash Me endeavor was Dieter Meier, founder of the band Yello.

The project is the creation of Oliver Aeschlimann, of BMW Switzerland Corporate Communications, in collaboration with freelance art director and photographer Nico Ammann. Aeschlimann also served as editor for the book to be published by MINI Switzerland, with the edition limited to 2,000 copies.

The book include photos of each MINI creation and can be downloaded for free in electronic form at the project's website

Gallery: Ten MINI Art Cars in 'Wash Me' [Video]

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