Two new products from the bespoke Alfa Romeo tuning and design house Autodelta will emerge at MPH09, boasting wide-ranging performance upgrades as well as the expected comforts and luxuries of any Autodelta creation.

The leading bespoke design and tuning house for Alfa Romeo, Autodelta, continues a tradition of new model presentations at this year's MPH - the Prestige and Performance Show hosted by BBC's Top Gear's infamous threesome - with the launch of two new 'ground-breaking' products.

The first, a new package that aims to push the oft-touted Italian notion of 'gran turismo' to a performance-upgraded 159 saloon, this time to the 3.2-litre V6 version a year after the 2.2-litre model was first re-worked. The second, an Autodelta Brera, responds to customer demand following Prodrive's recent power output upgrade and weight loss program on the Brera S and completes the package with more wide-ranging performance modifications.

Autodelta's 'flamboyant' 159 - the J4 3.2 C - has been re-tuned for optimal driver orientation but also for the very greatest in coseted comfort and bespoke Autodelta luxury. The J4 3.2 C packs a 352 hp 3.2 V6 engine and is combined with upgrades to the chassis, electronics, brakes, and suspension - all adjusted after intensive R&D for the V6 version from the sporting but smooth-riding 2.2 C.

Building on Prodrive efforts to reduce weight by 100 kilos and now boasting Autodelta's established supercharged and intercooled 352 hp V6, the Brera S 3.2 'Compressore' places greater focus on the driver, turning the Brera S into a true high-performance sportscar. A bespoke Limited Slip Differential improves traction in addition to in-gear acceleration gains from Prodrive's switch from four-wheel to front-wheel-drive. At the request of clients, Autodelta have swapped Prodrive's more track-suitable suspension for a custom Autodelta Sportline suspension, optimised to balance track capability with everyday comfort.

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