While competitors try to face the Mini success, the small British wonder enhances its advantages with a 211 cv engine.

It is funny to see what happens to a successful car. When a vehicle hits the jackpot and becomes a reference in something, most competitors try to challenge it in many ways. This is what has occurred with the revived Mini, which has, since its presentation, been the target of all other brands. Whenever a small and trendy car is presented to the public, it is natural to call it a “Mini killer”. Well, as you all already know, Mini competitors will have to rethink their strategies pretty fast. Yesterday the brand introduced the John Cooper Works for Mini and Clubman at the Geneva Motor Show.

Besides all the aesthetical changes, both cars have received a 211 cv version of their 1.6-litre turbo engine. It allows the Mini and the Clubman to have a top speed of 238 km/h and to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h respectively in 6.5 s and 6.8 s.

This would be enough to put the Mini kilometers away from all other small and nostalgic cars, but John Cooper’s signature helps the car be even more extraordinary. Even someone that is not very used to cars will perceive this vehicle is not only about the engine. It is about handling. The suspension is 10 mm lower, the EPAS steering system allows a sportier setting to be programmed at the press of a button and brakes are stronger, with nice 17-inch alloy wheels to allow a better view of discs and calipers.

The Mini John Cooper Works will cost € 27,700 and the Mini John Cooper Works Clubman will be sold by € 29,500, both prices valid for Germany. Other countries pricing is yet to be defined.

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