It even comes with a few spare parts and track support from Panoz.

For race fans, the name DeltaWing should be instantly recognizable. The rocket-shaped race car made its prototype debut in 2012 at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Though it crashed out early in its inaugural race, the open-top DeltaWing recorded a best race lap time of 3:45.737, rivaling some LMP2 teams, and continued on to record a number of blisteringly fast laps at race tracks around the world.

Sadly, the DeltaWing Racing team lasted just four years before folding up shop in 2012. Panoz, the Georgia-based company responsible for the build of the vehicle, said that new regulations and lack of success was in part to thank for the DeltaWing’s demise. 

2013 DeltaWing Coupe
2013 DeltaWing Coupe

But don’t think this is the last you’ve seen of the DeltaWing. The company is selling off its very first example of the DeltaWing Coupe race car. Wearing the chassis #001, the DeltaWing Coupe made its debut in 2013 at the Lone Star Le Mans at Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas, where it finished 29 overall in the P1 class.

The chassis competed in the P1 Class in the ALMS Series, and in the P2 Class in IMSA. It’s one of just two DeltaWing Coupe chassis remaining – chassis #003 is part of the Panoz Museum Collection, and chassis #002 was destroyed at the 2016 Daytona Rolex 24.

Gallery: 2013 DeltaWing Coupe

Along with the purchase of the vehicle, DeltaWing racing says that a number of spare parts, and even track support from the Panoz crew will be available for the first racing event. In case you hadn’t already figured out, it’s not street legal. The company is asking $375,000 for the one-of-a-kind DeltaWing Coupe – a relatively reasonable price to pay for your very own DeltaWing race car.

Source: DeltaWing Racing

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