Volkswagen Group wants to promote its electrified technologies with enthusiasts-oriented models.

Volkswagen Group wants to become “the world market leader in e-mobility” by launching no less than 30 electric vehicles by 2025. But before this, the German manufacturer will release a dozen of gasoline-electric hybrids through its brands, including several SUVs and, according to a new report, a couple of electrified hot hatches.

Autocar is quoting “insiders” close to the automaker saying the hybrid pocket rockets are viewed by VAG’s marketing department as a “crucial bridge in the move towards full electrification.” Simply said, VW will try to win over car enthusiasts, who will spread the word about the new technology among regular customers.


“We are not just flicking a switch and expecting people to move to fully electric cars – it is a process that will take decades, and we must help take people through the transition step by step by showing what the possibilities are,” an insider is quoted by the British publication.

To promote its electric technologies, Volkswagen Group will rely on its existing performance series, including SEAT’s Cupra and Skoda’s RS lines. The next generation of the Czech company’s Fabia supermini could be the first to receive the electrified performance treatment, if we are to believe the new report.

2017 Skoda Fabia with 1.0 TSI engine

“The Fabia RS was a lot of fun and I would love to be able to offer such a car today, but it is not going to be manageable for the next two to three years,” Skoda CEO Bernhard Maier explained. “For the next generation of Fabia, there could be an alternative – we could look at the opportunities a bit differently.”

But does this mean electrification? “That would make sense, yes.”

Of course, we have no details regarding the sporty hatch, as we will have to wait for the new Fabia to arrive first, probably in 2020. Switching to the MQB platform will be crucial for the possible hybridization.

Source: Autocar

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