Renault has announced a new, all-electric concept that can take on a new, fully charged battery in a few minutes. The car will be introduced in 2012.

Renault has announced plans to launch the Renault Zoe Zero Emissions Concept within a few years, and it will have a replaceable battery that can be changed out in just three minutes.  The all-electric vehicle, co-designed in part by L'Oreal Luxury Products, will hit the world stage in 2012.

The Zoe Z.E. will be introduced to the world as Renault's direction for next-generation electric vehicles.  The company has a slate of EVs scheduled to come onto the market in 2011.  Performance figures were not revealed, but the car has an ability to be adequately charged in 20 minutes, with a full charge taking from four to eight hours, depending on voltage.

Renault's EV concept will also feature a "Quickdrop" battery swap feature, that allows an empty battery pack to be swapped with a fully-charged pack in a matter of minutes.

It is the vehicle's "spa" theme that helped bring cosmetics firm L'Oreal into the fold.  Their Biotherm team of engineers helped design an air conditioning system that keeps skin hydrated, and closes vents as pollution is detected.  The team also created "an electric system [that] diffuses essential oils," supposedly helping people to relax in a "spa" setting.

Hopefully, this is more hype than reality; sleepy drivers cannot possibly be a good thing.

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