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The Acura NSX is a dramatic-looking hybrid sports car that we’ve come to grow quite fond of here at With a a 573-horsepower (427-kilowatt) hybrid V6, and the ability to sprint to 60 miles per hour (96 kilometers per hour) in about 3.0 seconds, we found ourselves fawning over the sharp-looking in our review. But much to our dismay, the NSX has an estimated asking price of around $156,000. Thankfully, though, a new dealer incentive could put the supercar more within reach.

According to a new report from The Truth About Cars, Acura is currently offering up to a $30,000 discount on its virtually brand new NSX sports car. Beginning in 2018 the coupe will be available on special order only, so any examples currently hanging around dealer lots could be sold with as much as a $30,000 cash inventive. That type of discount means you could be driving around in a mid-engined Japanese sports car for just $1,500 per month on a lease, or about what you’d pay for a brand new Corvette Grand Sport.

One dealer in New Jersey is going even further. Bridgewater Acura is offering a $44,800 discount on a brand new 2017 NSX. That would put the asking price at $155,700 from an MSRP of $200,500 with options like leather and Alcantara power sport seats, painted interwoven wheels, carbon ceramic brakes, a carbon exterior sport package, and an Alcantara headliner equipped.

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According to Acura (by way of Jalopnik), the discounts, in part, can be contributed to more customers custom ordering their vehicles. The company said that "dealers have ordered inventory units, especially early in production, to showcase front-and-center in their dealerships. Most new buyers are special ordering NSXs to their unique, individual taste, opting to wait for a custom build rather than purchase a unit from inventory."

For what it’s worth, the new NSX has an asking MRSP of $156,000. But with all of the available option boxes ticked, the coupe stretches to over $210,000 easily, meaning the company could rake in even more cash on custom orders. Whatever the case, the NSX is a great car, and those in the market for a $150,000 sports car should be racing over to their local Acura dealer.

Source: TTAC, Jalopnik

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