"They’re like our children,” says owner.

It’s one of those days when we have to report with grief in our hearts that a beautiful collection of cars was completely destroyed. This time a garage with about 40 retro vehicles caught a massive fire in Langley, British Columbia, completely burning most of the classics.

The collection belongs to local enthusiast Garry Cassidy, who was in Los Angeles to attend a car auction. When the fire brigade arrived “flames were through the roof,” leaving no other chance to the firefighters than take “a defensive posture with the fire.”  

“At about 3:30, I heard some loud bangs, then some sirens coming in,” a neighbor told Surrey Now-Leader. “They [the explosions] were really loud [and kept happening] every minute or so. I could see huge flames, really big. They have a power line out front and you could see them going above the power line.”

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At this point, it’s not clear what caused the fire and whether it is considered suspicious. Some of the gems that were destroyed in the fire are a 1961 Chevy Bel-Air Convertible, a 1968 Camaro, a pair of 1955 Pontiac Chieftain models, one of which was a Safari wagon, and six Chevy Corvettes. It is estimated that the collection is worth at least $3 million.


“I’ve always been a big car guy... but I don’t think my wife and I could have been more upset if we had lost a child,” Cassidy told Canada's Global News. “It’s not about the money; a couple of those cars cannot be replaced. Write me a check for whatever, you can’t replace the cars. They’re like our children.”

According to local reports, Cassidy is well-known in the city for his passion for classic cars and many people have visited his garage just to have a glance at his collection.

Source: Global News via Jalopnik and Surrey Now-Leader

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