This could very well be the prettiest 2 Series we've seen to date.

BMW is working on a hotter M2, probably going to wear either the GTS or CSL index, after the coupe received a minor facelift back in May this year. It remains one of our favorite sports cars on sale with perfect balance between aggressive design, performance, and price. But we always ask ourselves – can it become ever better?

Yes, of course, and here’s an example of how the appearance of the coupe could be enhanced even further with subtle cosmetic tweaks. This stunning M2 Coupe in Long Beach Blue color has received a carbon fiber exterior aerodynamic pack and is currently available at BMW Abu Dhabi Motors.


Probably you won’t be able to spot it at a glance, but a deeper look reveals a new front bumper lip spoiler, a massive fixed rear wing, a rear diffuser, and side skirts, all made from carbon fiber. There’s also a new exhaust system with more pronounced tips.

The sporty atmosphere continues inside the cabin, where a number of panels have received a naked carbon fiber finish, including the panel surrounding the gear lever and the infotainment system control buttons, and the upper part of the center console. At a first glance, it’s not something hugely impressive, but the devil is in the details.

BMW M2 with carbon fiber aero package
BMW M2 with carbon fiber aero package
BMW M2 with carbon fiber aero package

The upcoming track-focused M2 will be equipped with an even more comprehensive aerodynamic package with larger air intakes at the front and an even larger wing at the back. These aero components will help drivers keep the car under control, as it will be by far the most powerful member of the 2 Series family. Expect to see a 3.0-liter turbo unit under the hood, good for about 450 horsepower (336 kilowatts). If that’s not hardcore enough for you, preliminary details suggest the car will also feature cup tires and coilover suspension, and might lose its rear seats.

Source: BMW Abu Dhabi Motors

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