Lifestyle boutique brand Bowls was chosen to partake in the Scion Challenge at SEMA. Their xB base vehicle has been turned into a '70s style California pickup.

Bowls has been chosen as one of the builders in this year's Scion xB Tuner Challenge. The upmarket lifestyle boutique based in Southern California is renowned for its innovative approach to retail. They normally sell items a lot of their clients didn't know about, products not readily available at regular chain stores.

The Bowls ScionB is inspired by the 1970 Toyota Crown pickup - a kind of Japanese El Camino - which wasn't released in the US. It features TRD parts like the clutch, a limited-slip differential, a rear stabiliser bar and brakes. For added safety a roll cage is installed. Expect a cool ICE kit courtesy of Pioneer.

Bowls also created a custom bike which will fit snugly on the truck bed. Overall a 1970s Southern California feel has been achieved.


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