One Double Cab Tacoma All-Terrain vehicle transformed for SEMA by B.A.D., Xbox and Toyota Racing Development into the ultimate gaming haven - complete with HD monitors and four-abreast seating.

You'd be forgiven for thinking Toyota's Tacoma All-Terrain Gamer was a misguided or perhaps infinitely practical product of MTV's Pimp My Ride; it does have more flat screen monitors than wheels. But this SEMA-bound Toyota truck is what happens when the partners in crime include B.A.D. Company, Microsoft Xbox and Toyota Racing Development.

The brief was to take one Double Cab Tacoma vehicle, capable of accessing the most remote of locations and allowing for the greatest flexibility for hauling friends, sports equipment and cargo, and add the gear to relax at the end of a hard day's play.

Its principle features centre around the Xbox. The perfect gaming environment is created first by removing B-pillars, fitting double gull-wing doors and allowing the front seats of the two-row cab to be re-configured for four-abreast seating. B.A.D fitted four high-definition flat panel monitors, optimally aligned for each gamer, and each allowing easy conversion from gaming into driving mode. 8 speakers and 650 watts of acoustic power is provided by Kicker, while the colour scheme was lifted straight from the Xbox brand guide.

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