One concept is called the Jay Leno Camaro, built for the talk-show host and renowned auto fan, a race-ready Camaro featuring a twin-turbocharged V6 with 425 hp.

Chevrolet will be debuting five new Camaro concepts at the SEMA auto show in Las Vegas today.

The first of which comes with more than a little celebrity twinge. It is a Camaro built for talk-show host Jay Leno, a renowned auto enthusiast.

The Jay Leno Camaro features a twin-turbocharged version of the Camaro's 3.6 liter, direct-injection V6, producing 425 hp. It comes in a race-ready configuration which includes Brembo six-piston brakes and a coil-over lowering kit.

Next up is the Camaro Synergy concept, basically a looker with an aerodynamics and optics kit that includes a special green color.

The Camaro Chroma comes in Summer White and is based on the SS/RS package. It features some performance additions to the LS-3 V8 engine it is fitted with.

Also looking distinct are the Camaro Dusk in Berlin Blue, designed for "urban professionals", and lastly the Camaro Graphics, coming in several forms showcasing 6 different graphics accessory packages that Chevrolet is considering for production.

Note: No photos of Camaro Graphics available yet.



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