The sheet comes off the wild machine on Wednesday at SEMA.

It’s almost time for Hennessey Performance to reveal its Venom F5 hypercar, and to build anticipation, the company is once again teasing the car. This time, we get to see the car’s low, wide, aerodynamically optimized shape hidden beneath a sheet. It’ll be revealed tomorrow, November 1, at the SEMA show in Las Vegas.

For now, though, there’s plenty we already can infer about the forthcoming performance car. For starters, Hennessey has promised that the Venom F5 will outperform the Bugatti Chiron, potentially offering a top speed approaching or exceeding 300 miles per hour. Said to “offer even greater power levels combined with improved aerodynamics,” the car is a successor to the previous Hennessey Venom GT. It will be building by Hennessey Special Vehicles, a new car company operating near the tuning firm’s proving grounds near Houston, Texas.

Another teaser video strongly hinted at the design language that will be used for the Venom F5; see the gallery below for some more design clues. A huge rear wing – as can be seen under the sheet in this teaser – appears to sit above a unique triangle-shaped exhaust opening, while the low and wide bodywork hugs the ground and ripples over the car’s wheels. The video also hinted at a massive functional rear diffuser, important for keeping a car stable at, say, the 300 mph top speed teased earlier this month. And we know that the carbon-fiber dashboard will feature a small infotainment display and a trio of air vents that recapitulate the exhaust design.

Hennessey has also said the car will be have an “ultra-light weight” and “cutting-edge technology across the design.”

As it builds upon – and will be faster than – the previous GT, we’re expecting the Hennessey Venom F5 to pack more than that car’s 1,451 horsepower. What engine will be used to generate that much oomph, and how quickly it’ll get the car to 60 mph, remains a mystery.

The bottom line, though, is that this is not just a one-off model: Hennessey fully intends to manufacture and sell the Venom F5 as a series production car.

Check back tomorrow for the full details once the Venom F5 is revealed at the SEMA show in Las Vegas at 11 a.m. Pacific time.

Source: Hennessey Performance

Gallery: Hennessey Venom F5

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