News reports out of Bulgaria suggest that a group of fifty drivers are on a near-suicide mission to ram through red lights at top speed, and hope for the best. Details inside.


At least five people were killed, and scores injured, playing "Russian Road Roulette" in Sofia, Bulgaria.  The game is a variant of Chicken, with drivers blasting through red lights while trying to avoid other vehicles and pedestrians, reports British newspaper The Daily Telegraph.

Bulgarian news site The Standart claims that drivers roar through the intersections at up to 200 km/h (124 mph).  Another variation has drivers approaching roundabouts and circling against traffic at high speed.  Yet another version has drivers racing on Sofia's ring road.  

According to press reports, bystanders and drivers bet on performance.  Hitting the brakes, a pedestrian, vehicle, or an object results in a notch in the "loss" column.

Most of the drivers use SUVs, and are in their twenties.  There are roughly fifty drivers believed to be involved.


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