Giorgio Piola "Illustrating Speed" will air November 4 on

For nearly 50 years, Giorgio Piola has been the foremost technical journalist in Formula 1. His work has been seen in magazines and publications all around the world, all while spending time with the greatest legends of the series. He has attended more Grand Prix events than anyone in history, and now he’s the subject of a new documentary produced by Motorsport Network’s new creative content studio, Allen Content.

The documentary will take a close look at Piola’s career, which unofficially began at the age of 12 when he became fascinated with drawing cars. At age 19 he made a bet with his brother on who could draw a better car, with the winner being the one who heard back from magazines they sent their drawings to.

“We sent drawings and 20 days later, the letter came to me,” he said in an interview with, shared earlier this year at "’Mr. Piola, we like your drawing. We'd like to publish it’. The letter was from Gianni Cancellieri, the chief editor of the magazine. And then he became the chief editor of the car section of La Gazzetta dello Sport. He said then: ‘Mr. Piola, wouldn't you want to go to see the Monaco Grand Prix and do a technical report about Formula 1 for us?’ It was 1969. And that's how I started. I won the bet with my brother.”

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The new documentary is titled Giorgio Piola “Illustrating Speed” and it's slated for a world premiere Saturday, November 4 on


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