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First of all, nobody was injured in this rather dramatic chance that occurred yesterday in northern Ohio, including the 10-year old boy who decided to go for a joyride. That makes us happy, but everything else in this is just one massive facepalm, with a series of head slaps in store for the people who are supposed to be looking after this kid. You’ll see what we mean by that in a moment, but first, the play-by-play of the chase that took place yesterday morning near Cleveland.

According to, the 10-year old was at home waiting for his sister to take him to school, when he suddenly decided to borrow steal his mother’s boyfriend’s car and go for a high-speed drive. Seeing what had just happened, mom jumped in her own car and gave chase. Where the boyfriend was, or dad for that fact, is anybody’s guess. We see now why the news reports aren’t releasing any names.

The kid jumped on Interstate 90 west of Cleveland around 9:30 a.m. and punched the gas. Thankfully he was driving a 2004 Toyota Avalon so it’s not like he could achieve warp speed, but still, he managed to reach 100 mph at times during the chase. And it’s not like this was an open-and-shut affair – he led police on a 50-mile dash through three counties, jumping into oncoming traffic and dodging spike strips until cops cornered him off the road and boxed him after hitting a road sign. Mom showed up moments after the crash, just in time to verbally scold him while he spit and kicked at officers.

If this was a one-time deal, well, some kids just have to learn things the hard way. But this was the second time he ripped up the highway in a family car. Just two weeks (yes, weeks) prior he did the same thing in his mom’s car, ultimately rolling down the highway with three flat tires. That’s probably how he learned to dodge the spike strips.

According to the boy’s dad, however, the would-be wheelboy learned his moves – and bad behavior – from video games. Because you know, where the hell else are impressionable kids going to learn right from wrong? Certainly not from parents – what kind of crazy notion is that?


As it stands right now, the boy could be held in juvenile detention, or released to his parents while the case goes through juvenile court, where there's obviously a laundry list of charges. We hate to see families separated, but honestly, this kid needs some proper adult supervision and guidance, and there’s pretty strong evidence to suggest that’s not happening at home.

In any case, we hope the boy gets some help and good role models in his life. And we really hope the adults responsible for this mess get a serious reality check now, before it’s too late.

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