There's plenty of epic Lamborghini eye candy as well.

Does anyone really need an excuse to watch a Lamborghini video? Of course not – it’s Lamborghini after all. Still, this one is a bit different from the rest in that there’s an opportunity to learn something while getting your daily fix of Italian supercars. Learn something? Can’t we just watch Lamborghinis doing Lamborghini things? Don't worry – there’s plenty of that in this 13-minute clip, but mixed in with the tomfoolery is a summary of Lamborghini's entire history.

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The video comes from the guys at Donut Media on YouTube, and what else can we say? Pretty much everybody knows that Ferruccio Lamborghini started off in the tractor business and launched his car company because Ferrari ticked him off. But did you know that original Lamborghini V12 engine was a design he really didn’t want? The motivation to start his own company was to build better road cars than Ferrari, which used tweaked versions of its racing engines on the street, and they weren’t exactly reliable. That first Lamborghini engine had quite a few racing-derived features of its own, but that didn’t stop it from serving as the company’s base engine for 50 years.

Also, it’s nice to see some attention given to other, lesser known Lamborghini models. When it comes to Lambo history, most car fans jump right to the Miura without even a second thought to the company’s first car, the 350GT. We’re also given a good look at the bonkers Espada, which the video accurately describes as a Lamborghini with some actual practicality. Then of course comes the Countach, the Diablo, and you probably know the story from there.

It’s also neat to see how the company survived through the years, teetering on the brink of financial collapse while passing from owner to owner, until Volkswagen came along and, well, grabbed the bull by the horns if you will. In 1998 the Italian mark was officially acquired by Audi, and while some feel a little bit of the craziness was lost among the German engineering, the last 20 years have seen some of the most mental Lambos of all time, not to mention great success for the company.

All in all, not a bad 13-minute history lesson.

Source: Donut Media via YouTube

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