The 2017 Ford GT is a fast car. Equipped with a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6, the super coupe pumps out 647 horsepower (482 kilowatts), and is able to sprint to 60 miles per hour (96 kilometers per hour) in just about three seconds. But not even the Blue Oval’s newest supercars can stand up to the BADD GT – a heavily modified first-gen Ford GT that produces a monstrous 2,700 hp (2,013 kW).

If that name sounds familiar, you probably know the muscle car for its many speed records. Owned and driven by Johnny Bohmer, the BADD GT has recorded speed runs of 250 mph (402 kmh), 275 mph (442 kmh), and a Guinness World Record 283.232 mph (455.82 kmh), which was the fastest speed ever by a road car… until just a few days ago.

At the Kennedy space Center, Bohmer and his BADD GT recored a speed of 292.9 mph (471.4 kmh). Though Bohmer fell short of his initial 300 mph (482 kmh) goal that was planned back in 2016, that 292-mph top speed makes the BADD GT the fastest road-going car on planet earth.

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According to Bohmer, in an interview with Jalopnik, the hardest part of the entire run was actually stopping the car afterwards. The video above shows the parachute of the car being ripped in two as the GT attempts to stop. A "hard brake" cracked the rear rotors, Bohmer saying, "when I stopped I thought the car was on fire."

Thankfully, Bohmer and his BADD GT walked away from the run in one piece. Though his 292 mph speed was faster than his 283.232 world record, no one from Guinness was on hand to witness the run, thus his original record stands. Still, Bohmer thinks he can surpass 300 mph in his next run.

The BADD GT will make another attempt at 300 in December for an upcoming episode of Discover Channel’s Fast N’ Loud TV show. Bohmer says that the car is tuned to hit 318 mph (511 kmh), but admits that 309 or 310 (497 or 498 kmh) seems like a more realistic figure.

Source: Jalopnik

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