The driver reportedly suffered some kind of medical emergency.

It’s certainly not every day you find yourself in the middle of a hit-and-run chase, never mind two of them. We’re taking a little bit of creative liberty with the word chase, as there’s no high-speed action going here, and the second crash brings the whole thing to a close. Fortunately this video ends with everyone seemingly okay, though the offending driver in the Acura TSA reportedly suffered a minor head injury as a result.

The incident actually took place at the end of August in Pleasant Hill, California just east of San Francisco. YouTuber Alan Wang first observed the Acura behind him, noticing that it had damage on the front and that the airbags had obviously deployed recently. He was quick on the draw with his camera phone – filming properly in landscape mode no less – to document the situation as he suspected something wasn’t right.

Wang got the full story at an intersection after pulling next to an Audi Q5, which had been rear-ended by the Acura. Both cars were actually stopped, but the chirping of a police siren spurred the Acura’s driver – who had shifted into reverse at the green light for reasons unknown – back into action. The car sped away (after going back to drive) but the trip was short-lived, because at the very next intersection the driver ran a red light, sideswiping a Chevy van hard enough to nearly flip it.


As Wang questioned the woman driving the Acura, it was obvious something wasn’t quite right. According to a report from KPIX in San Francisco, the driver wasn’t intoxicated or under the influence of anything, but she was treated at the hospital for an “undisclosed medical emergency.”

We’re glad there were no serious injuries, but this does highlight something people don’t always consider. Sometimes, accidents or bad driving aren’t the result of people being asshats, but someone having a legitimate problem behind the wheel. We applaud everyone here for keeping cool, and we hope it sets an example for others who might be tempted to give into road rage at a moment's notice. Keep it in check, because the person who just hit you may actually need your help instead of your anger.

Source: Alan Wang via YouTube, KPIX

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