With a $2 million price tag, Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus’ SCG003 has a fairly limited pool of buyers, but the company is now teasing a second road-going model that would open the automaker's potential clients to the less wealthy members of the one percent. At a cost around $400,000, owning the new vehicle is still an expensive proposition.


SCG only provides basic details about the still-unnamed supercar, but the specs look impressive. The motivation would come from a 650-horsepower, high-revving engine, and the requirements to meet emissions regulations mean the powerplant would likely feature turbocharging. The company promises to tune to the mill have the responsiveness of a naturally aspirated engine, though. Customers would be able to choose between a six-speed manual with a gated shifter to give an old-school feel or an automatic transmission with paddle shifters.

Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus Teaser

The three teaser images hint at sharp-edged styling. An integrated wing spans the area at the front end between the tips of the fenders. The short length from the windshield to the nose suggests the engine would sit behind the driver. Fender-mounted mirrors add a vintage-inspired touch to the modern design.

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SCG says the vehicle would be a “Very Light Weight Sports Car” by using carbon fiber for the body and chassis. The interior would offer room for three occupants, which suggests a McLaren-F1-like configuration with the driver in the middle and passenger on each side.

SCG also intends to make multiple competition variants. "We will make versions as Customers want including GTE/LM. If customers want GT4 we can do that as well. If this happens our first race version would be GT3/SPX. If any of you have serious interest in something like this road or race let me know," the company wrote in a comment on Facebook.

The boutique automaker is already taking deposits for the vehicle. SCG will build them in the United States, and they’ll be road-legal in America.

Source: Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus via Facebook, 2

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