We’ve been pretty impressed so far with the Kia Stinger. With a pair of turbos bolted to a V6 turning the rear wheels, there’s certainly ample reason to be impressed – 365 reasons if we’re specific. That kind horsepower can push this exciting five-door fastback to 60 miles per hour in 4.9 seconds, according to Kia. It can also set the backside adrift in glorious opposite lock, and the automaker is keen to show people just how sideways it can get during the 2017 SEMA show next week.


Kia Stinger Drift

While attendees wander the vastness of the Las Vegas Convention Center, Kia will head outside to the Gold Lot for hourly drift exhibitions with modified versions of the Stinger GT. We don’t exactly know what modified means – it could be as simple as tires, or software tweaks, or the cars could be sporting extra boost to make sure the rear hides go up in smoke at will. We do know that Kia has called in professional drivers from the Formula Drift series to make the show exciting, and in the fine print on the press release we learn the cars are prototypes not available for sale. Bummer.

In addition to drifting, Kia will also be holding an autocross experience during SEMA, giving people a chance to toss the Stinger around cones in the parking lot where we expect drifting will not be encouraged. Of course, the automaker’s presence will also be felt inside with its Singer Wide Body, a project car built in collaboration with West Coast Customs and teased last week with a single shot of its derriere. It’s slated to be revealed when SEMA opens for business, and though we’d love to see this car outside on the track, it will be relegated to show duty.

There’s no question that Kia is seeking to add a serious performance edge to its branding. The Stinger is the most exciting car to come from the South Korean manufacturer, and if rumors of a V8 engine for the U.S. market are proven true, this could just be the beginning of Kia’s tire-smoking revolution. In the meantime, check out over 200 Stinger photos in our mega gallery below.

Source: Kia

Gallery: 2018 Kia Stinger GT Extended

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Last week, we shared an image of the Kia Stinger Wide Body, an aggressively-modified GT car, which will be unveiled on the SEMA show floor next week with other custom Kia creations.  But we’ll also be having a jaw-dropping good time outside of the Las Vegas Convention Center thanks to the Stinger Drift Experience.1  Come join us on the Gold Lot as pro drivers from Formula Drift send modified Stinger GTs sliding sideways on a twisty track built for raucous tire-melting action.  In addition, there’s a spirited autocross to experience the Stinger’s stunning athleticism first hand.2

The Stinger will be performing hourly in front of a live audience from Tuesday, October 31 to Thursday, November 2.  The only thing more impressive than Kia’s all-new high-performance fastback sedan is Kia’s all-new high performance fastback sedan with a pro driver behind the wheel.  Don’t miss this.  #KiaSEMA #StingerExperience

1 Professional driver on closed course. Do not attempt. 2018 Stinger GT prototype modified for drifting exhibition. Vehicle unavailable for purchase.

2 Closed course with professional driver supervision.  Always drive safely and obey all traffic laws.  Modified 2018 Stinger GT prototype.