Ken Block’s Hoonigan Racing Division has released the first trailer for the tenth installment of the always-exciting Gymkhana series. Block and crew promise it be their biggest video yet with five vehicles sliding and burning rubber at five sites around the world. Unfortunately, there's quite a long wait to see the full clip because Hoonigan confirms in a YouTube comment a premiere date in late 2018. 

Block shows off his talent behind the wheel in of the vehicles in this trailer. We see him in the famous Hoonicorn Mustang blasting around the streets of Detroit, Michigan. He also pilots a tuned Ford Escort Cosworth around some sort of industrial site.

Gymkhana 10 Trailer

The trailer also promises a new build and offers two brief glimpses of it. Judging from the grille and door design, the team is fairly certain this is a 1970s Ford F-Series pickup, possibly the body style available from 1973 to 1975. The twin turbos rising out of the hood indicate that this truck should have just as much sliding potential as the Hoonicorn.

The other vehicles are a mystery, but the video’s announcement promises, “5 different, epic, all wheel-drive, high-horsepower Ford racecars.” We wouldn’t be surprised if Blocks tried and true Fiesta rally car is among them.

Gymkhana 10 Trailer

If you can’t get enough of Block’s driving, then there’s also a newly announced streaming series on Amazon Prime to look forward to. The Gymkhana Files will premiere in fall 2018, and the documentary series will follow the process of creating GymkhanaTEN. It will also offer a look at Block’s life, “from racing to mountain town life in Utah to recreational adventures when he’s off the road.”

Source: Ford, TheHoonigans via YouTube

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PARK CITY, Utah - Today, Hoonigan Racing Division’s Ken Block is pleased to announce that he’s currently in production of GymhanaTEN, the 10th installment of his award-winning, Gymkhana viral video franchise. Block has done so today via a two minute trailer, which is presented by Pennzoil, in addition to Ford, Forza, Toyo Tires, Monster Energy and Can-Am. 

Block is taking things to a whole new level. How? 5 different, epic, all wheel-drive, high-horsepower Ford racecars. FIVE. Two of them are all-new for Block with a third being an all-new, built from the ground up vehicle — on the same level as Block’s wildly popular Hoonicorn. And, to add to it all, Block is filming these vehicles in five different locations around the world.

Additionally, Block is thrilled to announce an Amazon Original Unscripted Series following all of GymkhanaTEN. Titled The Gymkhana Files, the show will follow Block and his team behind-the-scenes as they create GymkhanaTEN and offer fans an unprecedented amount of access into how Block’s biggest Gymkhana to-date comes to life. The series will also take a historical look back at Block’s previous nine films, as well as showcasing other facets of his life, from racing to mountain town life in Utah to recreational adventures when he’s off the road.

"I'm really excited to be working on GymkahanaTEN and I’m stoked that Pennzoil was able to come in and support us getting a trailer video out today to help announce the video,” said Block. “I’m also legitimately excited to be able to announce that I’m collaborating with Amazon Prime Video on The Gymkhana Files at the same time. I've always taken great pride at being on the leading edge of creating content, as well as viral marketing and in figuring out the best ways to get that content into the hands of fans and consumers. Amazon is very similar in their approach to what they've done over the years and I think that together we're going to create some amazing programming that really gives fans and viewers insight into not just my world, but the inner workings of my Gymkhana films and at the end of it all, the fans get to watch GymkhanaTEN during the final episode." 

“The inner workings of the wildly popular Gymkhana film series have long been a mystery to its large and rabid fan base, and we are thrilled to provide Amazon Prime members worldwide with an exclusive glimpse into the making of GymkhanaTEN,” said Conrad Riggs, Head of Unscripted, Amazon Originals. “Ken and the Hoonigan team will take viewers on an exciting journey unlike anything they’ve seen before.”

Block’s GymkhanaTEN, as well as The Gymkhana Files will launch exclusively next fall on Amazon Prime Video.