For a performance coupe, the Supra is surprisingly quiet.

Rumors have circulated since January about Toyota debuting a concept for the next-gen Supra at the Tokyo Motor Show, which began yesterday. The automaker’s most anticipated model in years was a no-show to the event, though. Instead, the company put its focus firmly on the Japanese market by revealing models like the latest Crown and Century luxury sedans. As a small consolation check out this spy video of the future Supra testing at the Nürburgring. 


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The clip reveals two test mules under development. One still uses provisional lighting at the front and rear. The other is the recently spied example with the final LED illumination, which provides a much better idea about the coupe’s final design.

Unfortunately, this clip doesn’t provide a good opportunity to hear the Supra. It seems that the engineers give the coupe a fairly subdued exhaust note. A brief chance to listen to the car on the track reveals the engine’s sporty sound but certainly not a noise that’s loud or overly aggressive.

Leaked documents indicate that the Supra would be available with two tunes of a BMW-sourced turbocharged four-cylinder and an inline six. In the U.S, only the two, most powerful engines would be available. Toyota would also use BMW’s automatic gearbox for the new performance coupe. 

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However, the evidence points to Toyota eventually installing its own hybrid powerplant into the Supra. Shigeki Tomoyama, president of Toyota’s competition division Gazoo Racing, recently told “Hybrid technology will be necessary for the future sports car. It’s not just about prioritizing efficiency, but speed too. The key challenge we need to overcome is controlling the energy flow, the regeneration and keeping the weight low."

Source: Automotive Mike via YouTube

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