Maybe an Audi TT or a sporty Hyundai?

Meet the Coupe Concept, a virtual study by independent automotive designer Qawi Halim from Malaysia. It’s a sexy two-door coupe with sharp lines and muscular side profile, wearing a generic diamond-shaped badge.

The logo itself doesn’t tell us much about origin of the coupe, but at least the shape of the radiator grille suggests it might me coming from South Korea. Our opinion is that this vehicle could very well be a two-door version of the Hyundai Elantra Sport, for example, with a more powerful engine and a bit more aggressive design to match the added power.

Recent hot renderings:

But, in our minds, there’s also another option. This virtual sketch could preview a futuristic Audi TT or a similar two-door sports car from the Volkswagen Group portfolio. A Volkswagen Scirocco maybe? Sure, why not.

A quick look at Halim’s other sketches shows the talented designer has some fresh ideas for what appear to be a slightly bigger sports car and a grand tourer, both from virtual brands. We find some similarities at the front end between the coupe pictured above and the sports car, so maybe these two could be envisioned as a basis of a hypothetical new car brand.

Let us know in the comment section below if you have any better ideas for which badge would be suitable for the car from the attached rendering.

Source: Qawi Halim

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