An all-new WRX won’t hit the streets until the end of the decade, but at least now we have some sort of a preview to ease the wait. Debuting today in Tokyo, the Viziv Performance Concept is an aggressive high-performance sedan that boasts a multitude of carbon fiber parts to shave off weight. It has been used just about everywhere, including for the bumpers, fenders, roof, as well as for the spoiler at the back.


Up front, the vented hood helps cool the unspecified boxer engine lurking underneath and sending power to the symmetrical all-wheel-drive system. Futuristic headlights with a white and light blue theme flank a wide grille that appears have an LED-illuminated outline and a full-width bar to complement the lighting clusters. Big air vents in the bumper and a prominent splitter enhance the sporty vibe sent by the concept.

The side profile reveals bulging wheel arches with vents for cooling the high-performance brakes hiding behind the 20-inch alloy wheels. Like with most concepts currently being shown in Tokyo, the Viziv Performance has cameras instead of mirrors and lacks conventional door handles. Those beefy side skirts appear to be made from carbon fiber as well to further cut weight.

The back of the car is sending out an Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio vibe, but we’re sure that’s just a coincidence. A carbon spoiler lip sits on the trunk to aid aero and there is a massive diffuser hosting a central fog light and quad exhaust tips. If you’re wondering about its size, the latest Viziv (originating from “Vision for Innovation”) is 4,630 millimeters (182.2 inches) long, 1,950 mm (76.7 in.) wide, and stands 1,430 mm (56.3 in.) tall.

Oddly enough, Subaru has not provided photos of the interior, though in some of the ones available we can notice a Tesla-like massive touchscreen with portrait-style orientation. We also know the cabin can accommodate five people and should be fairly spacious thanks to a wheelbase that stretches at 2,730 mm (107.4 in.)

While it may look great, let’s keep in mind the current WRX doesn’t look nearly as nice as the namesake concept unveiled in 2013. Hopefully, it won’t be the same story with the next generation.

Source: Subaru

Gallery: 2017 Subaru Viziv Performance concept

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World Premiere of Subaru VIZIV Performance Concept at Tokyo Motor Show 2017

Tokyo, October 25, 2017 – Subaru Corporation today unveiled the Subaru VIZIV Performance Concept* at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017.

The Subaru VIZIV series of concept models embodies the brand’s vision for the future of making cars that deliver Enjoyment and Peace of Mind to its customers. Packaged in the first sedan body of the series, the Subaru VIZIV Performance Concept draws on iconic models symbolizing superior Subaru driving performance and the Symmetrical AWD layout powered by a boxer engine honed over more than five decades of development. In sports sedan form, it conveys the concept of driving enjoyment that Subaru will continue to pursue. In anticipation of widespread future deployment of automated driving technologies, advanced driver assist functions combining the next-generation EyeSight system with other devices have been installed in a sedan body encouraging active enjoyment of driving, to express Subaru’s distinctive worldview of driving with Enjoyment and Peace of Mind.

*: VIZIV is a coined word originating from the phrase “Vision for Innovation.”

Main Specifications of Subaru VIZIV Performance Concept
 Body size (overall length × width × height): 4,630 × 1,950 × 1,430 mm
 Wheelbase: 2,730 mm
 Tire size: 245/40 R20
 Seating capacity: 5 persons

Design Features
To express the distinctive enjoyment of driving a Subaru, the VIZIV Performance Concept draws on previous models symbolizing the Subaru driving experience: the Legacy, which defined Subaru as a drivers’ car, the Impreza, which took the World Rally Championship by storm, and the WRX, which still dominates motor racing around the world. Based on Subaru’s shared “Dynamic × Solid” design philosophy, this next-generation sports sedan encapsulates driving enjoyment.

Driving performance is highlighted by a rigid, forward-thrusting body with low center of gravity, the dynamic flare of the fenders, the use of carbon fiber parts in the bumpers, fenders, and roof, and the bold glimpse of the exhaust in the rear bumper.

The three-dimensional form of the front grill flanked by hawkeye headlights hints at the boxer engine they conceal, and muscular fenders on all four corners of the body testify to the reliability of the Symmetrical AWD. Maintaining consistency with previous Subaru concept cars and production models, the VIZIV Performance Concept embodies the Subaru powertrain, which is part of the brand’s identity.

Advanced Driver-Assist Technologies
Subaru has teamed advanced driver-assist technologies scheduled for launch around 2020 with the high performance offered by the boxer engine and Symmetrical AWD to create a sports sedan symbolizing the Enjoyment and Peace of Mind to be expected of its cars. By also incorporating further enhancements to EyeSight driver-assist technology, radar, and highly accurate GPS and navigation systems, Subaru continues to pursue ultimate levels of safety in the aim of eliminating automobile accidents.